Karatina AA W

Karatina AA W

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Seasonal Series

When we first cup Karatina AA on the table, we just knew this is one that we've been waiting for, a classic traditional cup profile of a Kenyan Coffee. 

Not only the coffee exhibits pre-dominant black currant flavour profile on the cupping table, but also the high density sweetness shines through filter brew of Hario V60 or Kalita Wave dripper. Kenyan coffee is known for its acidity brightness, yet somehow Karatina AA offers one of the most balanced cup of coffee we have yet to offer. 

Sweetness and density of honeysuckle, acidity of black currant, rounded off with darjeeling tea in the aftertaste, probably one of the most impressive Kenyan coffee available. 

Enjoy, a classic traditional profile of a Kenyan Coffee from us. 

About Coffee

Within the Nyeri County along the slopes of Mt. Kenya is the Karatina Factory, or wet mill. 560 smallholders in this region contribute coffee cherries to this mill and belong to the Barichu Cooperative Society.

Situated at 1,650 meters above sea level, this region is defined by its bright red soils, full of rich nutrients for coffee trees. The high altitude allows for ideal temperatures and rainfall for the slow maturation of coffee cherries. Smallholders in this region grow coffee on small plots of land and hand pick the cherries during harvest to deliver to the mill.

Once the cherries reach the mill, the coffee is washed with water from the Ragati River. After the cherries are pulped, the coffee is placed in large tanks to soak in water and ferment for 24 to 36 hours. This allows for the breakdown of the exterior mucilage. The coffee is then rushed through channels and cleaned one final time before soaking once more overnight. The following morning, the coffee is then spread evenly on raised tables to dry in the open sun until a targeted moisture content is reached. This can take around 12 to 20 days.


There are two harvests in the Nyeri County, one occurring from May – June and another from November – December.


1.700 - 1,800 metres above sea level


SL28 & SL34


24 to 36 hours.


Washed & dried on raised beds 12 to 20 days

Karatina AA W
Barichu Cooperative
SL 28 & 34 | 1,750 MASL | Washed

Blackberry | Darjeeling | Jasmine Honeysuckle


Screen sizing in Kenya

The AA, AB and other grades used to classify lots in Kenya are an indication of screen size only. They are not an indication of cup quality. The AA grade in Kenya is equivalent to screen size 17 or 18 (17/64 or 18/64 of an inch) used at other origins. AA grades often command higher prices at auction though this grade is no indication of cup quality and an AB lot from a better farm may cup better.

Varietal Information

SL 28Scott Agricultural Laboratories created this varietal in 1931 to combat the stresses caused by drought in Kenya incurred by coffee producers. With deep roots, this varietal was better able to locate moisture in the water table and more resistant to periods of low precipitation.

SL 34Scott Agricultural Laboratories developed this varietal from the French Bourbon in the late 1930s in Kenya. Also, a drought tolerant varietal, the SL 34 additionally produced larger cherries with a shorter growing period.


226g (half lb), 452g (1 lb) & 904g (2 lbs) available

Best to consume in 4-6 weeks

Extraction Recommendation

18.5g of fine grind coffee
28-32s of extraction
40-42g of espresso

Brew Ratio | 55g/L to 60g/L
Brew Time | 3 mins

Temperature | 92-94Cº

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