Hey there, we hope this page would solve your questions, but do feel free to message us if it does not. 


1. Do you offer international shipping?

YES, we do! International shipping is available on our website while the shipping fees will be calculated in the checkout page. We don't put additional administrative fees on the shipping cost, it is the exact amount we are going to pay our courier. 


2. Can I pre-order online and pick up in store?

Our coffee bar is closed as of 5th Sept 2020. However, our coffee production is still in production and we are offering FREE local delivery & FREE Canada-wide shipping/delivery with 2 bags or above online order! Check out our beans page now.


3. I would like to attend workshops, when is the next one?

Thank you for your interest! We welcome students from different level - home brewer, coffee enthusiast or even barista. That's why we would hold the class individually / small group and tailored them to suits your level. Just message us and we can start from there. 


4. Where do you source your beans?

It really depends on the beans season. We have different channels to source beans and they are not limited to just one place or one importer or one producer.  You may find the farm and producer details from our retail bags if you wish to know what you are drinking. 


5. Can my office do coffee subscription? 

Sure you can and your colleagues will love you! There are 2 options if you wish to have our coffees in your office, depending how much quantity you are looking forward to. One is you may start from the "Roaster Subscription" - we choose the beans for your delivery or two, email us and we will see what we can do.


6. I have some greens on hand, can you help to do green analysis? 

The answer is YES. We have licensed Q-grader in house and he is qualified to do the coffee quality check subjectively in professional manner. We have minimum charge and the pricing varies depending on what and how many types of beans to check with. An analysis report will be provided as well. Drop us a line and we will see how we may help you.


7. I have an event coming up, can you do catering?

We are sorry that we don't have a mobile espresso cart yet, so we cannot provide espresso-kind catering service. But if you are happy with drip black coffee or bottled Morning Whisky , then YES we can do that - delivery or pickup. We had experience with such catering for office meetings.