Private Tasting Event
Private Tasting Event

Private Tasting Event

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Hello friends,

Let's do something different.   

Just like a wine tasting event, enjoy the time and share thoughts with your families & friends who come together.

$12/person to enjoy all the new crop coffees + a milk based drink.

This designed tasting experience should promote trying different kinds of coffee side-by-side, discovering the wide range of selected coffees has to offer.


[ New Crops in Winter 2021 ] 


Opera Espresso



West Arsi

Gora Kone

Heirloom | Wash | 1900 - 2050 masl

Peach | Tangerine | Black Cherry | Candy 

Sweet Blossom




Dimtu Tero

Heirloom | Wash | 1909 - 2069 masl

Stone Fruits | Blood Orange | Honey | Jasmine




Finca El Casino

Jose Elcias Martinez Guzman & Francy Helena Inga

Pink Bourbon | Wash | Microlot | 1,800 masl

Tea Rose | Honeydew | Grapefruit | Round



Cenfrocafe Cooperative

Typical & Caturra | Wash | 1200-1800 masl

Cereal | Nougats | Red Grape | Vanilla

All participants has to do prepaid booking. Max. 4 guests per booking.

With the latest Provincial COVID-10 protocols, proof of vaccination required. (Details)

Please feel free to stay behind on the patio seats as you wish.

Retail Beans will be available for sale.


Please look for the building name TROVE.

Enter Buzzer Code 1090 for gate access upon arrival.

For the best tasting experience and service, please arrive your booked time slot on time.


Cancel/Refund: Please notify us 24 hours before your booking time for last minute changes. Credits will move onto next tasting events.