Welcome to our world of specialty coffee, where passion meets excellence.


We are Edmond and Shirley, a dynamic husband and wife duo committed to delivering exceptional quality coffee to the market. Whether it's a meticulously brewed cup or a carefully packaged retail bag of beans, our goal is to provide you with an absolutely unforgettable coffee experience.
Driven by our unwavering love for what we do, we embark on a journey from sourcing top-grade green coffee to refining roast profiles, and finally, to the precise packing and delivery of our products to your doorstep.


We take pleasure in every step of the process, believing that coffee is evolving beyond traditional "strong, dark, and bitter" flavors to embrace the delicacy of "balance, cleanliness, and sweetness" with intricate layers of taste. We roast our coffee beans to achieve the perfect equilibrium, highlighting synchronized notes of acidity, sweetness, and body.


As proud members of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), we have actively supported and engaged with the industry since relocating our company to Vancouver, Canada, from Hong Kong in 2014. Our involvement spans participating in SCA-sanctioned events, volunteering, and even competing since 2008.


These experiences serve as our constant source of inspiration and enable us to explore the vast world of specialty coffee while continually striving for excellence.


At our core, we uphold professionalism when it comes to sourcing and selecting only the finest coffees for our customers. Edmond, our co-founder, has been a licensed Q-grader since 2012. With regular sensory and coffee knowledge recalibration every three years under the guidance of a Q-instructor, we ensure that our expertise and sensory acuity not only remain steadfast, but also align with market expectations.


In 2019, we achieved a remarkable milestone by securing the 2nd place in the National Brewers Cup, using a coffee we proudly serve daily. 


In 2021, we proudly obtained the Q-Processing Generalist Certification, further expanding our credentials.


We believe that a daily cup of high-quality coffee can be both accessible and immensely enjoyable. While obstacles and challenges lie ahead, we remain dedicated to doing everything in our power to push the boundaries and continue

 "Moving Specialty Coffee Forward".