Relocation Notice 2020

5 Sept 2020

Goodbye officially for now (just drinks)!!!

Thank YOU for your continuous support for the past 3.5 years at this Mount Pleasant location.  It's been our great pleasure to be in this neighbourhood and serving coffees to the community.

As we are still finding our next location - roastery and/or retail, our coffee roasting would not be affected so you can still order coffee beans online. Yes, this would be our income stream so please do order ;) 

We hope to share good news to you sooner than later. 

Please stay tuned with us on our IG/FB @movingcoffee

Take care!


7 Aug 2020

Hello everyone, this is an important public announcement.

Sadly, we just received a VERY SHORT notice from our bakery partner that they are terminating our long standing working relationship and have requested us to move out from the existing location in Mount Pleasant in a month - 6th Sept 2020.

We are certainly shocked and unprepared of the situation, especially now in our world and society filled with uncertainty due to COVID-19.

As much as we would like to disclose all the details, stories and conditions, yet we chose not due to professionalism.  Safe to say, Fife Bakery is seeking to takeover the coffee operation that Moving Coffee Roastery established at the location.

As we are managing and coping with the sudden circumstances, our roastery and online shop will remain open and fully operational. You may still order drinks (until the moving out date, 6th Sept) and beans online, whilst enjoy the free local delivery as well as Canada-wide free shipping*.

We appreciate your continuous love and support, we shall keep you posted for updates from our IG/FB.



Shirley & Edmond


*Free Canada-wide shipping for 2 bags or above online order