Wholesale / Consultant Service

No matter your request is for an office, co-working space, retail, cafes or restaurant. We are more than happy to provide professional consultant service and see where we can start from.

Our co-owner , Edmond is a licensed Q-grader since 2012.  He has been doing consultancy service in chained coffee shops and international level hotels from South East Asia to Canada. His experience and networking would help you to source the best and suitable coffee beans and/or even setup the coffee bar. 



What is Q-grader?

The Q grader program was established in 2004 as a way to objectively examine coffees and score them based on their many attributes and therefore overall quality – it is in fact the only certification in the industry that is based on quality. Q-grader is qualified and able to evaluate the coffee without the influence of external factors such as price/farm/availability. There are currently 38 Q graders in Canada and 5657 in the world.   The certification takes 22 exams in 3 days, covering from green grading, roasting grading and a series of sensory analysis. In order to maintain the Q-grader trustability, the licensee has to recalibrate with Q Instructor every 3 years so as to be renewed., failing so will take away your licence.