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Wholesale & Consulting

Whether you're looking to set up a co-working space, retail store, café, or restaurant, our professional consulting services are here to help you get started.

Our founder and co-owner, Edmond, has been a licensed Q-grader since 2012. With extensive experience in providing consultancy services to chain coffee shops and international hotels across Southeast Asia and Canada, Edmond's expertise and network can assist you in sourcing the best and most suitable coffee beans and even setting up your coffee bar.

What’s a Q-grader? 

Q-graders are professionals skilled in sensory evaluation of green coffee. As of 2024 January, there are less than 100 active Q-graders in Canada and 8765 worldwide.

The Q program, established in 2004, provides an objective examination and scoring system for evaluating coffee quality based on various attributes. It is the industry's only certification focused on quality and is often considered the master sommelier in the coffee industry.At MVCR, we believe in creating value, which is why we strive to source international and unique coffee offerings for the city, bringing synergy to the market. By offering customers a variety of specialty coffee options and unique tasting experiences, we aim to move the specialty coffee industry forward, as reflected in our company name.


We invite you to share our passion for coffee and join us in creating a better market.

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