Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer (Pre-Order)
Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer (Pre-Order)
Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer (Pre-Order)
Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer (Pre-Order)
Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer (Pre-Order)
Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer (Pre-Order)
Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer (Pre-Order)
Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer (Pre-Order)
Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer (Pre-Order)

Hiroia Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer (Pre-Order)

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HIKARU V60 Smart Brewer


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Good News!

Pour over filter brew coffee doesn't need to be inconsistent anymore!

With Hikaru V60 Smart Brewer, single origin pour over coffees can now be replicated on a consistent level. Whether it is for home use, cafes, restaurants and hotels, Hikaru can be your reliable pour over brewing equipment, just like your trusted espresso machines and grinders. 

The Hikaru V60 - Your perfect cup, perfected

Experience the pinnacle of smart home coffee makers with the Hikaru V60. With a combination of simplicity, precision, and the iconic Hario V60, this automated and programable brewer brings the craftsmanship of a pour-over coffee bar right to your home, cafes, restaurants or hotel lounges. 

With Hikaru's advanced technology and precise algorithms working behind the scenes, every brew is flawlessly prepared to your desired taste preferences. You can now enjoy consistently exceptional cups of pour-over coffee, thanks to precise temperature, flow, and turbulence control.

It doesn't stop there - The Hikaru App enables you to effortlessly explore the art of coffee brewing with the touch of a button. Not only you can now choose from 9 preset recipes or create your own custom brews, but also you can share or retrieve Hikaru brew recipes amongst your peers. 

With the programable features, you can now work with your coffee roasters or barista lead to develop a digitally shareable Hikaru recipes for usage in various locations.

QR code can be stored and shared!

Bring home brewing to the next level with the Hikaru V60 and unlock a new coffee experience.

Single Origin Specialty Coffee Brewing


With or without using the Hikaru app, you can brew the perfect cup of specialty coffee for yourself and family or friends at your home or office

1. Place the Dripper on the Server.

Position the prepared filter set beneath the dispensing spout.


2. Select your Recipe and Start Brewing

Once you have selected the desired recipe, press the "Start Button" to begin the brewing process.


3. Let Hikaru Brew For You

Once brewing, the LED atmosphere light will turn on and a beep will sound to confirm a successful brew.

Welcome to the new age of technological advanced brewing system, everyone can make great coffees, anywhere and everywhere. Hikaru V60 Smart Brew is perfect for home enthusiasts, quality-driven single and multi-location cafes/coffee shops, restaurants and hotel lounge use. 

Moving Coffee is proud and happy to work directly with Hiroia as their ONLY Authorized Canadian Distributor. We are so glad to be pushing the boundary of coffee brewing technology and service with Hiroia in Canada.


"Moving Specialty Coffee Forward" is now another step further advanced. 

And your "Daily Dose of Happiness" can be easily repeated. 

Pre-order yours NOW!

Estimated Arrival - May 2024


HIKARU Specifications

Operation Voltage: 100V~120V / 220V~240V
Wattage: 830W
Water tank volume: 700 ml
Temperature Control Range: 80 to 96ºC
Flow Rate: 10 levels 
Pre-set recipes: 9 (S/M/L volume, Light/Medium/Dark roast)
Maximum cup capacity per brew: Up to 3 cups
Water tank material: Tritan™,BPA Free
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2
App support: iOS version 13 and above Android version 10 and above
Power cord length: 1.5m
Product Dimensions: W407mm x D171mm X H297mm
Weight: 2.8 Kg
Accessories: V60 dripper 02、V60 range server 02、Filter paper (40pcs)
Warranty: One year