Antonio Gonzalez N

Antonio Gonzalez N

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Antonio Gonzalez N

Seasonal Series

It is perhaps undeniable that we have dedicated interest in Guatemalan grown coffee. Working with our green partner throughout the years allows us to open up new sourcing opportunity. Over the years, our dedicated green supplier had kept our quality aspect and mentality in their hearts. This year, we were able to showcase them. 

While the marketplace is filled with special fermentation coffees, we are dedicated into perhaps traditional methods that elevates varietals' characteristic instead. 

Red Catuai by Antonio Gonzales is cultivated under such direction. The vibrant fruity note is nicely elevated in an unpopular natural fermentation at Finca Neuva Montana. A natural processed coffee so clean tasting that one might miss interpret as a washed. Yet, the malic acidity and apple sensation are fully showcased. 


Discover a rich and juicy cup that awakens the senses with notes of apple pie, cinnamon, and a hint of sweet dates. Enhanced by tantalizing yellow melon-like sweetness and ripe malic acid, each sip culminates in a sweet undertone sparkling finish, adding depth and complexity. 

About Coffee

Finca Nueva Montaña, located in the Casillas community in the department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala, has been transformed into a thriving coffee farm over the past 31 years by Antonio Medina and Eby Arcely Samayoa. Inspired by friends, Antonio embarked on his journey into coffee production, mastering specialty coffee over the past five years.

Benefiting from the region's ideal weather conditions for slow drying, Finca Nueva Montaña processes its entire production as natural. Only the ripest cherries are harvested and carefully placed in nylon bags for 48 to 58 hours to limit oxygen content for natural fermentation. The beans are then dried on beds for over three weeks to ensure outstanding quality.


January - April


1,880 MASL


Red Catuai


48 to 58 hours


Dried on beds in an average time of 16 to 20 days

Antonio Gonzalez N
Santa Rosa
Finca Nueva Montaña
Red Catuai | 1,880 MASL | Natural 

Apple Pie | Cinnamon Dolce | Sweet Dates

Best to consume in 4-6 weeks

Extraction Recommendation


Brew Ratio | 55g/L to 60g/L
Brew Time | 3 mins