Supergood Grinder Brush
Supergood Grinder Brush

Supergood Grinder Brush

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Supergood Grinder Brush (254mm/10in)



supergood has intentionally designed their grinder brush for the job it supposed to do - clean grinders. A comfortable handle that is the perfect length for home and commercial grinders, and a round-tipped brush that reaches both burr sets and inside most chutes. For the bristles, we have chosen a synthetic filament that is animal friendly and retains shape and elasticity much more effectively than traditional hog hair brushes. Made in the USA. Black Synthetic Polyester Filament.



  • Bristle Length: 51mm/2in
  • Bristle Width: 19mm/0.75in
  • Total Length: 254mm/10in
  • Bristles are a black synthetic mixture of PET/PBT Polyester filaments with different diameters and lengths, to enhance feel, flex and performance
  • Seamless, nickel-plated metal Ferrule, made in the USA
  • Solid European Beech handle, made in Poland and Germany
  • Threaded, nickel-plated nails for a better hold
  • Made in the USA