Opera Espresso
Opera Espresso

Opera Espresso

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Signature Edition

Creating Classic

If #phantomespresso is a chocolate coated energy bar, then #operaespresso is a fruit basket filled with sweet tropical fruits, super ripe muscat grapes, drizzled over by honey and a glass of fine old world wine.

Created with the intention of contrasting #phantomespresso, #operaespresso purposely delivers a different flavour profile for our everyday coffees, so that we can push our boundaries and explore the potential of coffees.

#operaespresso isn’t a sour coffee, instead it is a sweet fruity coffee that opens up your curiosity how coffee can taste fruity but yet with a sweet honey tone and lingering floral aftertaste 


Let's open up our range of coffee sensory

P.S. We don’t like sour coffees neither

Suitable for cafe featured espresso, home users of #filterbrew #pourover


Opera Espresso



Biftu Gudina

Heirloom | Wash | 1975 - 2200 masl

Black Cherry | Lavender | Peach | Balance


19.5g of fine grind coffee

28-32s of extraction

42-44g of espresso 


Half 1/2 lb | 2 lbs | 5 lbs

Best to consume in 4 - 6 weeks.