RELOCATED - 13880 Wireless Way

Hello friends, 

For the past two years, we have been on a cocoon stage where we faced numerous challenge. From overcoming a bitter end to previous business venture, to manoeuvring through the pandemic.

While all that happened, we managed to find a new home for Moving Coffee Roastery. 

Many of you met us through the back alley of 1628 W 1st Ave, near Fir St at the broader of Kitsilano and Fairview area in 2015-16. Back then, we were roasting on a small scaled roaster and mainly served filter brew pour over coffees. We also mainly operated on weekend only as well. 

Then more of you found us at 64 E 3rd Ave since 2016-17, where we expanded our service from filter brew pour over to also espresso, cappuccino and certainly of your favourites "splits", and we also started wholesale B2B.

We then also operated nearly 7 days a week.  


Started in late 2020, we found ourselves in a major challenge as we mentioned. Yet, the from late 2020 to now late 2022, such period taught a few things. One that most important for us is that SO MANY OF YOU are right there for us, supporting our work in coffee. From placing online orders, masking up when delivery happens and joining our small gatherings, we are forever thankful for those went through this challenging period with us. 


Happy to announce, we have made it through and we wouldn't have done it without so many of you. 

Please now find us, Moving Coffee Roastery, a full scale manufacturing coffee roasting studio and tasting lab, situated at Trove, Unit#118-13880 Wireless, Richmond, BC, Canada. 

Please join us on monthly scheduled tasting sessions, walk-in coffee and retail beans

Our team of qualified and enthusiastic barista look forward meeting you.

Thank you.


Truly yours,

Moving Coffee Roastery

Edmond/Shirley and now Ethan (18 months old now) + Greg, Amy and Miranda