Donas Do Cafe N

Donas Do Cafe N

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Donas Do Cafe N

Seasonal Series

Crafted from the finest Brazilian lots by four exceptional female producers, Donas do Cafe Natural embodies excellence in every sip. It offers aromas of cane sugar and nuts, with flavors reminiscent of sweet almond, cashew, and rich 80% dark chocolate, leading to a cocoa powder-like aftertaste. This delightful cup culminates in a thick and clean finish.

About Coffee

Donas Do Cafe, which translates to "the women owners of coffee," unites four exceptional female producers from the South of Minas, Brazil: Olga Maria, Bianca Carrea, Andrea Rangel, and Ciomra De Carvalho. This project proudly celebrates the leadership and invaluable contributions of women in the coffee industry.

As part of the commitment to excellence, SMC, the specialty coffee division of Cooxupé, encourages knowledge exchange among these producers. This collaborative platform ensures a comprehensive understanding of quality coffee production tasks and upholds our stringent standards. This partnership proudly present the remarkable lots of coffee meticulously crafted by four exceptional female producers:


Olga Maria

Olga and her family continue her husband's coffee farming legacy at Fazenda Piedade. They approach their work with love and dedication, managing production, property infrastructure, and social and environmental projects.

Bianca Carrea

Representing the fifth generation of her family in coffee farming, Bianca gained consumer insight while living in Montreal. Motivated by this experience, she returned to Brazil and now engages in specialty coffee production at Sítio Coqueiral, responsible for quality management and negotiation.

Andrea Rangel 

Andrea and her husband started coffee farming in the high mountains of Mantiqueira. Through dedicated learning and experience, she plays a key role in post-harvest planning, finance, and property management.

Ciomra De Carvalho

Specialty coffee has ignited a deep passion for Ciomara. With her husband, she crafts high-quality coffees through hard work, dedication, and learning. The majority of her production is classified as specialty coffees.


Donas Do Cafe
Sul de Minas
Red and Yellow Catuai | 1,400 MASL

Cashew Nuts | Almond | Dark Chocolate

Best to consume in 4-6 weeks

Extraction Recommendation

18.5g of fine grind coffee
28-32s of extraction
40-42g of espresso 

Brew Ratio | 55g/L to 60g/L
Brew Time | 3 mins
Temperature | 92-94Cº

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