WS5 - Phantom ESPRESSO
WS5 - Phantom ESPRESSO

WS5 - Phantom ESPRESSO

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Signature Series


Like an energy bar packed with chocolate, sweet roasted nuts, caramelized popcorn, our signature #phantomespresso is smooth easy drinking coffee, sweet but not bitter, mild acidity that lifts up its core sweetness flavor.

Roasted to the right balance, suitable for cafe primary espresso, home users of #filterbrew #pourover #frenchpress and #batchbrewdrip

We like it best at a ratio of a single shot to 4oz milk, then a double shot to 8oz for best results. 


Phantom Filter is roast profiled for filter brewing such as V60, Kalita Wave 185, Cafec and etc.

About Coffee

La Perla Negra coffee, or “The Black Pearl” is a blend of coffees produced in the mountains of Chiquimula and Zacapa. They are blended together as these coffees have similar profiles and characteristics. The department of Chiquimula is coloquially known as La Perla de Oriente due to its beautiful landscapes and architecture as well as the beauty of the people who live there. Chiquimula is known for being the cradle of art and artists as many of Guatemala’s best poets, writers, singers, musicians come from there. Esquipulas is a municipality located inside this department and is known for its Black Christ, a wooden image of Christ now housed in the Cathedral Basilica of Esquipulas. For this reason, this coffee is named Perla Negra.
The work between Caravela and producers responsible for Perla Negra started as a result of many cupping sessions to determine the perfect balance between the sweetness of chocolate, panela and yellow fruit acidity found in this full bodied coffee

La Perla Negra
Caturra | Catuai | Washed

Chocolate | Ferrero | Toffee | Smooth


January - March


1, 574 metres above sea level


Caturra & Catuai


Full washed & sun dried on patios

226g (half lb) | 452 (1 lb) | 904g (2 lbs) | 2.2kg  (5 lbs) Available

Best to consume within 4 - 6 weeks

Works well with Milk Alternatives

Extraction Recommendation

18.5g of fine grind coffee
28-32s of extraction
40-42g of espresso

Brew Ratio | 55g/L to 60g/L
Brew Time | 3 mins

Temperature | 92-94Cº

Refer to YouTube (Coming Soon)