SSP Grinding Solution 74mm Burrs

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Premium burrset from SSP Grinding Solution with 74mm diameter size. This burrset is made using cast-iron material and has a long lasting Red Speed (AlTiN) coating.

It features a custom geometry and a different top and bottom design typically only found on high end grinders.  The cutting algorithm improving speed, consistency and taste.  SSP Grinding Solution burrs produce a more even, consistent, and uniform coffee ground. 

SSP burrs are always treated and do not require seasoning like other burrs.  They will bring a little bit slower until they are coated with coffee oils (5-10kg) but you don't need to grind 10lbs of rice before you start using them!  SSP also guarantees no chipped egdes or damaged edges which are known to cause poor consistency and short life time on regular burrs.



  • Material: Tool steel
  • Rating:  5,000 kg (11,000 lbs)
  • Fits Mythos, Mythos one, Anfim SP2 and Super Caimano