WS Los Naranjos Tier 1

WS Los Naranjos Tier 1

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Hello Colombia 

We have always been looking out to work with like-minded professionals in the industry. Knowing quality-driven focus is easiest said than done, once we met those who understand, the synergy is magical.

Not only we found a supplier who is quality-driven since day one of their operation, but also someone who looks after the producers they work with, it is our pleasure and also luck introduce Los Naranjos to all of you.

Working with quality focused producers, financing purchase,  building soccer fields, up-holding transparency, practicing organic sustainable farming, improving livelihoods producers, all these aspects of the business neglected are picked up by our new allies. 

Los Naranjos landed on our hand when we weren't expecting it. While we were exploring availabilities of other coffees, many of the top choices were already sold. Yet, Los Naranjos seem to be flying under the radar, until we spotted it.

How can a classic specialty grade Colombian coffee be missed out?

About Coffee

In a small town called San Agustín, located in Huila, on the shore of the Los Naranjos River, live around 100 farmers, working hard to produce delicious and consistently high-quality coffee. These 97 farmers are part of the Association of Los Naranjos de San Agustín. The Association was formed in 2001 when some farmers came together with the intention of improving production methods to gain access to the specialty coffee market.

This association is well-known for its innovation and hard work, always focusing on improving coffee quality.

AII coffee is hand-sorted and their efforts are perfectly reflected in the cup.

Elkin Uribe has been producing coffee for 10 years on his farm Los Naranjos. The farm is larger than the usual Colombian farm at 30 hectares, but only 1 hectare is used for coffee while the rest is kept as a natural reserve with no human impact on the land. Elkin’s small plot of coffee, densely packed with shade trees, disappears into the jungle and helps protect and preserve the local wildlife. The shade trees also ensure the coffee cherries grow more slowly, which results in a more vibrant and sweet cup of coffee.

Elkin’s coffee is the cultivar caturra, which is one of the most loved cultivars in the coffee world. Similarly to types of apples, the different coffee cultivars give the final cup different flavour attributes. Unfortunately caturra, like many of the world’s most delicious coffees, is very susceptible to disease. Countless farms in Colombia have stopped growing caturra because of how vulnerable it is, and others will plant the caturra alongside coffees that are hardier but less delicious.


Many of the members of the association have won Cup of Excellence and Barista Championships.

Let alone the sweet aromatics of panela, citrus notes of orange, ripe sweetness of watermelon would follow up with the bittersweet of cacao, all these flavour attributes yield one of the best cup of Colombian coffee we can offer. 

Panela Orange Watermelon Cacao


First Semester:
May – July

Second Semester:
September – January


1,600 – 1,850 MASL


Caturra · Colombia · Castillo · Bourbon


18 Hours


Patio dry over raised beds over 11 days 




San Agustin 

Finca El Naranjos

Caturra · Colombia · Castillo · Bourbon | Wash



Best to consume in 4 - 6 weeks