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WS Gora Kone OCR Tier 5

WS Gora Kone OCR Tier 5

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An Operation Cherry Red Production (Ethiopian Cup)

In 2018, we purchased our very first coffee under the roof of Operation Cherry Red (renamed as Ethiopian Cup in 2019). They were our Guji Bishan Dimo Wash and also Sidamo Gora Kone Natural.

This year, 2019, we brought back our memory and success with Gora Kone, a 2019 crop. 

This is a coffee from the Sidamo, Arsi region, at the village of Werka.

700-800 smallholders put in all of their effort, producing the finest coffees possible.

  • Grade 1
  • Natural/Sun Dried

With the new regulations within the Ethiopia Coffee Market implemented in 2017-18, farmers now have the ability to directly export their coffees, increasing traceability and transparency.

Operation Cherry Red (OCR) is breed under such welcoming door.

Participating farmers have a financial incentive to produce better quality coffees, set by our green coffee partners, promising better prices for higher quality coffees. 

  • 100% Ripe Cherries to OCR Standards
  • Grade 1
  • Grain Pro or Vacuum Packaged

OCR (Ethiopia Cup) is no longer new, but it continues to sparks our motivation working through our competitive coffee market.

We, Moving Coffee Roastery, are beyond excited and proud to bring back such amazing coffee with us.

We are a quality driven compact size roasting company. Sourcing our own specialty-grade quality green coffees is our first and upmost priority. We are honest with every coffees we bring onto our line up and we stand firm with our goal.



Village of Werka


Heirloom | Gora Kone Station

2050 masl 

Jasmine Honey | Muscat Grape | Winey 


*Side Story
We are so proud that we competed with this amazing coffee with us at the National Brewers Cup Competition 2019 and we placed SECOND. The complexity of this coffee would give you so many surprises await you to explore. 

Best to consume in 4 - 6 weeks

Brew Ratio 1:16

Temperature 92-96 Celsius

Brew Time 3 mins

Final Notes: If you hadn't have a wonderful natural processed coffee, this cannot go wrong.