Santa Maria Pink Bourbon

Santa Maria Pink Bourbon

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Hello Pink Bourbon

Our very first Pink Bourbon varietal offering.

Instead of the typical red cherry, Pink Bourbon varietal cherries blossom into a velvety Pink colour. 

This is a micro-lot production that comes in rarity. Being able to secure the lot and offering the coffee and sharing the Faver's and Andrea's long family harvest is a wonderful opportunity for all of us.

Enjoy while supplies last.   

Faver sends a message for all the consumers of his coffee, “You are drinking something produced and made with huge effort of a whole family, and I really hope you can continue drinking this coffee for many more years to come.”

About Coffee


Everyone in Faver’s family have been coffee producers. Faver comes from a traditional coffee growing family in Colombia and ever since he was a kid, he wanted to become a producer. When he was old enough and had enough savings, 25 years ago, he decided to purchase a piece of land in Santa María, Huila and started producing coffee on his own.

Since then, Finca Costa Rica has become Faver’s and his family’s home and only source of income. This place is what provides the Ninco family with everything they have, and for this reason, they work hard to keep their home pretty and sustainable and invest in the infrastructure to produce better coffee. “I receive better incomes by producing specialty coffee and this has helped me and my family to have a better life and become a better coffee producer every day.” says Faver.

Faver works on Finca Costa Rica with his wife, Andrea, making up a beautiful team. Andrea is responsible for providing food for the workers and taking care of the drying process, constantly moving the parchment and making sure the coffee reaches its ideal levels of humidity. As a couple and a family, they work together to get to their objectives, they work hard to improve their quality and continue being amazing coffee growers and role models for other farmers in the region. 



Faver Emir Ninco & Andrea






Santa Maria


Second semester: October - November


1,800 metres above sea level


Pink Bourbon


Harvest only ripe cherries

Cherry rest for 18 hours

Fully Washed


48 hours


Fully dried on covered parabolic patios for 25 days


Excelso EP Screen 15+ SCA Specialty Grade.


Orange  | Honey | Malt | Lingering


226g (half lb), 452g (1 lb) & 904g (2 lbs) available

Best to consume in 4-6 weeks