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Mystery Coffee
Mystery Coffee
Mystery Coffee

Mystery Coffee

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Thank you all for participating the Mystery Coffee game again!

Winner(s) will be contacted by DM/email. Hope you guys had fun ;)

If you missed the game, don't worry. The 3 coffees are now available to purchase online, check them out:




see you soon.



Would you like to play a game?

Mystery coffee returns

Season 4

Have some fun from our new coffee pre-launch - buy it, drink it and click to our "Mystery Coffee" (available from 13/5 - 23/5) page to guess the bean's origin, processing method and share your tasting notes.

3 Coffees in Total

1 Known as reference 

2 Unknown as Mystery


Yellow: Colombia Finca San Javier by Javier De La Rosa

Blue: Colombia Finca La Cocha by Franco Hernandez


100g each coffee 

FREE Shipping included, no code required

Game ON

Each coffee requires correct answer of Country Origin, Varietal & Processing Methods


Prizes are:

One correct answer wins 1 bag of 100g coffee

Two correct answers win 1 bag of 226g coffee


May your coffee palette be with you!

Coffee Roast and Ship Out Starting May 11th

Answer Period: May 13th - 23rd (5:59pm PST)

Reveal: May 23rd Saturday 6:00pm



ONE entry per participant only 

Winners shall pick up prizes in store once our pandemic situation improves and allows us for re-opening.

Otherwise, winners can opt for shipping at cost to receive prizes  

Moving Coffee Roastery reserves final rights