La Primavera Espresso
La Primavera Espresso

La Primavera Espresso

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Hello Colombia

When we first had the opportunity to cup this coffee from Gustavo Charry, we were just finishing up a wonderful run with another Colombian coffee, although the quality of the coffee captivated our attention, we weren't planning to buy it. 

Somehow, someway, this coffee draw our attention like magnets, we cupped the coffee again and it is just too good to pass on. We decided to make the purchase.

This is a microlot production, roughly only 2 bags of 150lbs green produced. When we hear more about how Mr. Gustavo Charry treat his farm, dedication his life into quality coffee production, we knew we made the right purchase. 

Mr. Charry and us are on the opposite end of the coffee industry, but we have something in common, dedicating our life, diving into our passion, and improving quality of coffee. 


About Coffee


Gustavo Charry sees Finca La Primavera as one of his daughters, with the same eyes of love and proud. Every day, Gustavo wakes up and takes care of it and gives it what it needs. He has seen this child grow from the beginning; it has given him challenging moments as well as moments of happiness. For him, Finca la Primaveras is the results of all his efforts and hard work. Gustavo was born and raised in the countryside surrounded by coffee trees. His parents were coffee growers, so it has always been a special part of his life. Coffee means so much for Gustavo that he feels so proud about knowing that people all over the world are drinking his coffee. It makes him feel very special. But he knows that this is the result of his hard work, he is aware that for a farmer to grow a good coffee, it requires dedication and the continuous effort of a whole family.

Today, Gustavo would love the world to know that he is a man that has been producing coffee for his entire life, that he strives to improve every day and to produce better coffee year after year, and that he will do all what’s on his hands to deliver high quality coffee for the rest of his life. Gustavo’s life and work partner is Alexandra, his wife, who help him with the daily farm activities. The couple and one of their children, work together every day to produce an outstanding coffee, which Gustavo considers that has notes of citric fruit and a soft flavor of panela


Gustavo Charry & Alexandra Criollo










Second semester: November - December


1,750 metres above sea level




Fully washed


Fermented for 40 hours


Fully air-dried on raised beds and covered patios


Excelso EP Screen 15+ SCA Specialty Grade.

Caramel | Cane Sugar | Watermelon | Sweet


226g (half lb), 452g (1 lb) & 904g (2 lbs) available

Best to consume in 4-6 weeks