Gora Kone N Espresso
Gora Kone N Espresso
Gora Kone N Espresso

Gora Kone N Espresso

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Espresso Roast

Just a touch more developed for punch through the milk, have it as a Cortado or Cappuccino!

Under the roof of Operation Cherry Red in 2018 and then Ethiopian Cup in 2019, Sidamo coffee from Gora Kone washing station is absolutely mesmerizing. 

There’s an tremendous amount of natural-likes processing and special fermentation coffees nowadays. Yet, our old souls lead us to ordinary processing but done right and on point instead.

The sweetness of a ripe cherry, through sun dried processed for the perfect duration, then endless trial and error of roast profiling and brewing, is a flavor profile irreplaceable. 


In Ethiopia, names are often descriptive, and can tell you a lot about a place. The name Gora Kone is no exception. It breaks down into Gora, meaning “mountain”, and Kone, meaning “hump”. It describes the location perfectly – a mountain that rises like a cattle hump over the surrounding forests

Located in the Refisa kebele of Nensebo district in Ethiopia’s West Arsi zone (Oromia region), Gora Kone sits in an area just north of the Sidama province. Unsurprisingly, the flavor profile of Nensebo’s coffees is much like that of Sidamo coffee, and Gora Kone shares the same traits – complex, with floral notes, and sometimes a touch of citrus. Therefore, even though it is not from the Sidama region, Gora Kone coffee is classed as a Sidamo coffee.

The Gora Kone washing station receives its red cherries from 600 to 1000 farmers in the area (there is seasonal variance in the number of farmers who bring their cherries to the washing station). Most of these farmers have small fields, many below four hectares in area. Many of the Gora Kone farmers are from the Oromo ethnic group, but a small number of Sidamo farmers live and work in this area too.

The naturals often yield an intense sweet cup with explosive tastes of passion fruit, pineapple, topped off with hints of wine.


Jasmine Honey | Muscat Grape | Winey 



January - March


1,900 - 2050 metres above sea level




24-36 hours fermentation


Dried on parabolic beds over raised beds over 10 days 




Village of Werka

Heirloom | 2050 masl | Natural

Jasmine Honey | Muscat Grape | Winey 


*Side Story
We are so proud that we competed with this amazing coffee with us at the National Brewers Cup Competition 2019 and we placed SECOND. The complexity of this coffee would give you so many surprises, awaiting your exploration