Ethiopia Guji Shakisso Wash

Ethiopia Guji Shakisso Wash

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Bringing in another coffee from Ethiopia, from the Guji region

Gujis well known for its high quality, clean, floral and juicy coffees. This coffee is grown by various small family farms and processed by a privately owned mill at the Shakisso washing station.

During harvest, which normally takes place between late October and mid-January, about 850 farmers bring their red cherries to the washing station. The Reko washing station is an example for neighbouring washing stations, they sustain coffee communities and deliver amazing coffee, year after year. Incoming coffee is washed with water from a nearby river, after which are pulped with an old Agard pulping-machine. The mucilage is removed by traditional fermentation, which lasts 36-48 hours depending on the weather conditions. The coffee is then dried on raised African beds for 10-12 days.

This coffee in our opinion is a fantastic addition to our current offerings, having some of the most complex and intense coffee flavors in Yirgacheffe

Origin: Ethiopia

Growing Region: Guji

Processing Method: Wash 

Washing Station: Shakisso

Tasting Notes:

Pomelo | Grapefruit | Lemon Tea

1/2lb (226g)

Brew Ratio: 18 grams to 280mL at 92°C

Best to consume in 3 weeks