White Honey

White Honey

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Hello Costa Rica

White Honey, sounds familiar, doesn't it?

When we first introduced Moving Coffee Roastery to the Vancouver Coffee Community in 2016, we've had a rare opportunity to offer a white honey processed coffee. Few years gone by, and we finally met another worthy white processed honey coffee. 

Costa Rica, one of the few countries specializing in processing coffees with various techniques. One of which is their capability to remove certain percentages of the mucilage of the coffee cherry, resulting in what we know as white honey processing.

The scale of mucilage removal is simple, more of the mucilage removed, the "cleaner" of the coffee like a wash processed coffee. The less of the mucilage removed, the more "complex" of the coffee like a natural sun-dried processed coffee.

White honey is clean, yet adds body texture mouthful to the flavour profile of the coffee.

Removal of mucilage is an extremely tedious process, imagine only taking off 15%, 25% or 75% flesh off your peaches or apricots and leave the rest for fermentation processes later on. 

Not a microlot, but also not a whole lot available due to the processing difficulties. 

Enjoy while it lasts

About Coffee


Los Hermanos Valso’s parents started producing coffee 20 years ago and in 2016 the siblings decided to start building their own Micro Mill on the farm Vara Blanca to process their coffee. In 2017, they started to process the first coffee lots on their Micro Mill in which their goal is to constantly improve the quality of their coffee, always maintaining an unparelalled quality with sustainability and developing long-term relationships.

Costa Rica

San Jose


Santa Maria

November to February

1,800 – 1,900 MASL


Apple Pie | Roasted Hazelnut | Caramelized Pear | Full


226g (half lb), 452g (1 lb) & 904g (2 lbs) available

Best to consume in 4-6 weeks

Brew Ratio 1:16