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Costa Rica 100% Red Bourbon Red Honey
Costa Rica 100% Red Bourbon Red Honey

Costa Rica 100% Red Bourbon Red Honey

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Costa Rica

Sitting at 1750 meters above sea level, located on the eastern side of the mountains, Finca Tobosi is one of the latest project by Camilo Merizalde. 

Originally from Colombia, Camilo Merizalde was one of the first farmers to grow specialty coffee. His success in production allowed him to expand into costa rica, mexico, and brazil. His immaculate attention to the details in soil and dry milling allowed him to cultivate the right conditions to grow bourbon, a very uncommon variety in Costa Rica. 

With this Red Bourbon varietal, not only we continued to focus on a single varietal, but also introduced a Red Honey Semi-Washed process coffee. 

This is an excellent coffee showcasing both its varietal characteristics and processing. Lovely fruit notes of berries and acidities, a sweet layer of raisin and prune wrapping up the core, chocolate-like, brown sugar bomb.

Costa Rica


Finca Tobosi

Tres Milagros

Camilo Merizalde

100% Red Bourbon | Red Honey

1750 masl

Drying time: 14 days Harvest Date: April/May 2019

Fudge | Caramel | Strawberry


1/2lb (226g) & 2 lb (908g) available

Best to consume in 3 weeks

Brew Ratio 1:16