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WS San Javier Tier 4

WS San Javier Tier 4

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Hello Colombia 

San Javier

Brought to you by Apex Coffee Imports Canada 

We are both honored and thrilled to be sharing this new series of seasonal coffee with you all.

Launching three Colombian at once is probably unheard of, but as you know it, we do what we see fit.

Our goal with these three coffees is that despite coffee coming from same country, we believe varietal and terroir plays a critical role in nurturing the quality and flavor profile of the coffee itself.

With these three Colombian coffees on hand, we shall explore this top specialty coffee producing  country altogether.

Allow us to introduce Apex Coffee Imports, these coffees come through their hard work and dedication, travel the thousand miles that we cannot, connect to those like-minded quality driven producers and today ends up on our hand.

Quality driven is easier said then done, we believe our work as a roaster ourself and our working partners, like Apex Coffee Imports, are those doing is more important than talking.

About Coffee

This farm is nestled at the bottom of a steep cliff in a unique microclimate. The cliff catches clouds and expels large amounts of rain on the farm helping to nourish the coffee trees Javier grows. The cool temperatures also lend well to slow maturation of his cherries. Apex has been buying Javier's full crop since 2016 and we're excited for this year's harvest due to the recent addition of young Caturra trees at this farm


Roasted Pineapple, Golden Kiwi, Nectarine, Clean and Crisp


First Semester:
May – July

Second Semester:
September – January


2200 MASL




20 - 23 Hours


Mechanical & Raised Beds over 10 days with 14 days mechanical drying




Finca San Javier

Farmer Javier De La Rosa


Castillo Caturra | Wash


1/2lb (226g) & 2 lb (908g) available

Best to consume in 4-6 weeks

Brew Ratio 1:16