BIG STEP Coffee Tamper

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BIG STEP by Pullman Espresso 

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BigStep base was born out of his desire for a base with the highest possible tolerance in size for VST baskets. 

The BigStep refers to the design of the larger diameter 'stepped edge' measuring in at 58.60mm (-0.02). 

This enables a maximum surface area of extractable coffee to be covered, including the prevention of a pinched edge of coffee grind that can occur when using such a large (or incorrectly) sized base.

This base is made from an extremely high strength (min 40 Rockwell) 630 Grade Stainless steel in Australia from premium grade materials. 

For Pullman's Barista Tamp devotees, the BigStep retains the feel of a regular Barista base and is designed with those in mind who perform a standard tamping technique (including the Puck Polish final step). A perfect vertical movement must be applied with tamping.

Currently suited for VST baskets.


Custom Engraving $50


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Type: Tamper    

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