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Anaerobic Yirgacheffe Aricha
Anaerobic Yirgacheffe Aricha
Anaerobic Yirgacheffe Aricha

Anaerobic Yirgacheffe Aricha

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Prestige Series

Hello Yirgacheffe, we’ve missed you and you're now back.

We've had coffee from Yirgacheffe, but we haven’t have a natural processed coffee and gone through an anaerobic fermentation.

Anaerobic fermentation is one of the few latest popular fermentation methods in post harvesting. Anaerobic fermentation involve higher level of monitoring and control, where cherries are put into sealed containers, which allow a homogeneous environment to control temperature, pH, sugar content and also duration, resulting in a more complex and desirable cup of coffee.

This is an unbelievable cup of coffee from Yirgacheffee Aricha, a coffee really allow us to push and test our sensory boundaries of coffee.

Anaerobic fermentation by Faysel Abdosh

This anaerobic fermentation coffee comes from Yirgacheffe, processed at the world famous Aricha washing station, behind the master mind of Faysel Abdosh  

Mr Faysel is a second generation coffee producer who focuses on cultivating high quality lots from Aricha. This area is known for producing some of the finest specialty coffees in Ethiopia. He recently won the 2019 Ethiopian National Taste of Harvest competition with his anaerobic processed coffee.

The quality in the final cup can be largely attributed to the highly experienced farmers in the surrounding area of Aricha.

Mr. Faysel believes their advanced knowledge and efforts are the reason why they are producing some of the best coffees in Ethiopia.



Anaerobic Natural


Tasting Notes:

Candy-like sweetness with grapes tartaric acids, finishes with nicely ripe fruit aftertaste

Plum Wine | Pomegranate | Poached Pear | Apple Pie | Candied Ginger


Brew Ratio: 18 grams to 280mL at 92°C

Best to consume in 4 - 6  weeks

Final notes: An ultimate coffee that would change your perception of the long standing of tradition coffee. “Oh wow” and “unbelievable”.
A coffee we believe certainly "moving specialty coffee forward".