Coffee Tasting Workshop
Coffee Tasting Workshop
Coffee Tasting Workshop

Coffee Tasting Workshop

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Coffee Tasting Workshop

With the growth of specialty coffee in the market, curiosity over coffee continues to expand.

In this tasting workshop, we will get to deep dive into the world of specialty coffee. From discovering origin of coffees, differentiating blends vs single origins, to exploring varietals and country origins, the tasting workshop has it all covered. In additional, we’ll also be able to find the "right" roast for your own enjoyments. 

Coffee Tasting Workshops provides approximately three to four kinds of coffee for your journey. Through the use of Aroma Kits and World Coffee Research Flavour Wheels, our in-house licensed Q-grader will guide you through the vocabulary on breaking down coffee attributes and learn techniques on analyzing coffee qualities. 

Open discussion, learning and sharing amongst the group is promoted.

Availability: Friday January 20th

Time: 11-12:30pm

Prerequisite: N/A

Recommended for Coffee Enthusiasts 

Duration: 1.5 hours

- Tasting & Sharing

Location: Moving Coffee Roastery 

Address: #118-13880 Wireless Way, Richmond, BC, Canada