Uraga Espresso

Uraga Espresso

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About Coffee

Tabe Burka washing station

Tabe Burka washing station is located in the Uraga woreda, which is part of the Guji zone. Uraga is bordered by the Ode Shakiso woreda in the South-East and Gedeb woreda (Yirgacheffe) in the West.

The founder of Tabe Burka washing station, Mr. Tadesse Edema, has coffee in his veins. He comes from a coffee-oriented family of 29 brothers whom all work with coffee. His brothers, Girma and Dereje, are famous in the Guji zone because they produce such outstanding quality coffee in Uraga and Ambela.

Tadesse Edema collects his coffee from 300 smallholders, that form five farmer groups. Each farmer owns approximately 3 hectares of land and cultivates maize trees, false banana, and fruit trees – besides their coffee crop. Tadesse pays the farmers groups in advance when harvest begins. This gives the smallholders enough incentive to harvest quality.

The water from the Burka river is used to wash the coffee from Tabe Burka site. Coffee is fermented for 24 – 36 hours. Naturals are dried for 15 – 18 days.


January - March


1,850 metres above sea level




24-36 hours fermentation


Dried on parabolic beds over raised beds over 10 days 


Uraga Espresso


Uraga Woreda

Tabe Burka

Tadesse Edema

Heirloom | 1,850 MASL | Washed

Peach | Jasmine | Candied Citrus


Extraction Recommendation

18g of fine grind coffee

23-25s of extraction

40-42g of espresso