Natural Carbonic
Natural Carbonic
Natural Carbonic
Natural Carbonic

Natural Carbonic

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Hello Mexico

We've sampled and cupped various coffees from Mexico over the years in sourcing green coffees. From traditional wash, natural processing to now modern days special preparations like Anaerobic fermentations. 

This is our very first offerings from Mexico and you'll see why once you open this bag of coffee. 

This is a single varietal coffee, bourbon, underwent a natural cabonic maceration to bring out all the potential and complex flavour into the cup. 

Enjoy this strong, smoky, whiskey-like sensation with a cracker finish coffee.

Relationship offerings go a long way, glad we are working with green suppliers and producers who believe in our goal of "Moving Specialty Coffee Forward". 

About Coffee


Fermin Rodríguez received Finca Tetla as an inheritance from his parents. His family have always been dedicated and involved in the cultivation of coffee and it has always been part of Fermin’s life. However, the last several years in coffee have been very harsh and complicated for Fermin and his family. The incomes for commercial coffee are not enough to sustain the coffee trees, not even to sustain the family and they were having a hard time. For this reason, in 2020 they decided to look into producing specialty coffees, improve the quality of their coffee hoping to improve their incomes and quality of life. In 2020 they started producing their first lots of specialty coffee by starting with selective harvesting and, although they still haven’t seen significant results in their lives, they are happy with the results seen so far.

“The altitude and the region where my farm locates makes it possible to produce coffee organically and with great cup results.” says Fermin, “plus it’s located so remotely that not even the leaf rust have yet find us!” he jokes. Fermin’s biggest challenge right now is to be able to sustain his farm, so that this one is able to sustain his family. As Fermin and his family are relatively new in the process of specialty coffee, they still don’t have the infrastructure to process their coffees. For this reason, they take the wet coffee to an organization led by Victoria Marini where they process it.

This is a relatively new processing technique and these terms are used interchangeably to mean "fermentation in the absence of oxygen" - so the fermentation process is typically done in a sealed container instead of in open air, as it typcial.  This is what is referred to as "Anaerobic Process" and some call is Carbonic Maceration.  Producers add back different amounts of pulp/skin and will call it an 'Anaerobic Natural' if there is a lot of the skin added back or an Aneriobic Honey if it is mostly just the mucilage that is remaining. 










1,650 MASL.


January to June




Natural Carbonic Maceration 


EP Europa (Screen 15+), SCA Specialty Grade.


Sun dried on raised beds


Jackfruit | Toffee | Malt | Oak Tannins


226g size available 

Best to consume in 4-6 weeks