Jaime Geisha
Jaime Geisha

Jaime Geisha

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Prestige Series

Last year, we were spoiled with Gesha Village and most of us really missed the lingering floral and sweetness of the Ethiopia native Gesha varietal.

This year, we wanted to bring in Geisha, but not from Ethiopia. 

We'd like to introduce two Single Farm, Microlot Geisha that the total produced quantity was just under 100 lbs. Fortunately, our quality driven mojo had landed us 70 lbs of them. 

Enjoy every bit of them.

Jaime Casallas Geisha

In the mountains of Huila, we find the Casallas family farm, Fincas el Prado. The mother Olimpa Casallas Torrés the father Don Jaime Casallas and their son Jaime Andres Casallas all take part in running the small yet beautiful farm.

You may have heard of Huila, a region situated in western Colombia as part of the Andean mountains. This region is renowned for its coffee and farming practices. In the mountains of Huila, we find the Casallas family farm, Fincas el Prado. The mother Olimpa Casallas Torrés the father Don Jaime Casallas and their son Jaime Andres Casallas all take part in running the small yet beautiful farm.

The farm is located in a valley and the coffee fields stretch from their house at the bottom and all the way up the mountainsides. There’s a 30-degree angle on the side of the mountains, so it is very steep, nevertheless, every inch of land is planted with coffee trees and other vegetation. Beautiful green vegetation in a 100 different shades scattered across the mountain. It’s breathtaking, however it does make maintenance a lot harder and the risk of landslides is something they’re always aware of.

At their farm, you’ll mostly find Caturra, but they have a wide variety of other coffee varietals like Typica, Geisha, Java and Colombia. The Casallas’ are very meticulous with their processing, which results in a coffee with a delicate acidity and a sweet, balanced body.

Jaime Casallas


Second Semester: October-January




1,560 masl




Floral | Black Currant | Berries | Elegant




Fincas el Prado

Jaime Casallas

100% Geisha | Washed


226g (half lb) size available only 

Best to consume in 4-6 weeks

Brew Ratio 1:16


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