El Mural

El Mural

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Hello El Salvador

Welcome back, El Salvador. Last time we've had a El Salvador coffee was in 2017-18.

El Mural Pacas Honey was introduced to us through our long-term green working partner.

Started developing relationships with producers in this area in 2012, and opened a buying station and cupping lab in La Palma in December 2015, the quality of coffee slowly and surely showed up in the cup.
The variety Pacas is a natural mutation of bourbon, its genetic information falls under "Bourbon-Typica Group". However, Pacas is susceptible to coffee leaf rust and coffee berry disease. Production on this lot is only capped at 10 bags total.
El Mural went through a semi-washed, honey processed fermentation, not only adding complexity to the cup, but also enhancing the body structure. 
Cupping the El Mural was quite a memorable experience. An explosive sugary sweetness aromatics were simply dominant. Upon first round of drinking, pleasant vanilla pods linger in the cup alongside refined almond-like sweetness. Last but not least, the coffee carries a silky smooth syrupy body.
El Mural is certainly a suitable filter brew coffee, where mild citric acidity comes in perfect balance with marzipan sweetness. More interestingly, as a single origin espresso, natural sweetness of the coffee is intensified, resulting in a sweetness-dominant espresso. It extracts differently comparing to our other coffees. 

About Coffee

Chalatenango is a region of artisans, paintors and artists. The pinturesque town of La Palma is blessed with breathtaking landscapes and a perfect climate. Most beautifully of all, this place is famous for having murals painted in many colors just like all the handcrafts that have been created in this region. The artistans in La Palma create crafts and paint them in bright colors that form part of the decoration of this beautiful small town. They work with lots of different fabrics worn by the people of this special place.

El Mural is a blend of coffees from two main cantons: Citalá and La Palma, both of these are part of the Montecristo Trifinio, a tri-border national park shared between El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Designated as a biosphere reserve in 2011, it is an area of incredibly rich bio-diversity.

Marzipan | Vanilla | Brown Sugar | Silky




Citala & La Palma


November – March


1,500 – 1,800 MASL.




18 Hours


Patio dry over raised beds over 11 days 


El Salvador


El Mural

Pacas | 1500-1800 masl | Honey

Marzipan | Vanilla | Brown Sugar | Silky



Best to consume in 4 - 6 weeks