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Our professional foundation is built upon CQI Arabica Coffee Q Grading System, where licensed Q-Graders analyze and separate commercial and specialty grade coffees. 

At Moving Coffee, our coffee offerings are selected by in-house 10+ years experienced licensed Q-Grader, reflecting the value and quality of coffee we chose.

We are supporters and members of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), Coffee Quality Institute, and UBC Faculty of Land & Food System. Sourcing quality green coffee, offering 100% single origin specialty grade beans is our dedication. 


Three Series of Coffee:

- Signature [Phantom Espresso & Filter, Opera Espresso, Sweet Blossom & Decaf.]

- Seasonal [Karatina AA W, Bishan Dimo W, Uraga Espresso]

- Prestige [SL-28 Black Honey, AJI CoE#6, Hernandez Geisha, Palestina Pink Bourbon, Cerro Azul Geisha H]


Locally roasted in Vancouver, Canada