Mystery Coffee 2021

Happy Boxing Day! 

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family & friends ;) 

Thank you for participating in Mystery Coffee 2021! We are so thrilled so many of you purchased the Holiday Boxes with the Mystery Coffee, way beyond our expectation!

We truly appreciate your interest and devoted trust in our products, it is definitely the best gift from you all. We promise we will continue moving forward with our beliefs and striving for better in the coming years.

Let's get to the point. How did the mystery coffee taste to you? 

It's actually the latest crop we are using in our Opera Espresso! 

We are very happy with this crop. It's sweet like candy with floral aroma, having a black cherry juicy like tasting note, with a bold and smooth mouthfeel. When we receive the sample, we struggled to put it under the seasonal series but since it fits the Opera Espresso so much, we decided to change it instead.

The roasting profile is designed for espresso use for optimal extraction. Yet we rarely really takes it too far, so the roast also works perfectly well for filter-like brewing methods as well. Yes, Opera Espresso is indeed versatile.  

You may see more details about the coffee here.

Hope you enjoyed the coffee and also this little game unboxing!